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The Salem Witch Trials Never Truly Ended...

Eleanor O’Reilly came into her magic on her seventeenth birthday, just like every descendent in her family line; the problem was, no one ever told her she was a witch.


Now, Eleanor must come to terms with her new identity, maintaining the guise of a student at Griggs Academy while studying grimoires in the evening by candlelight.


But when fellow witches from her Salem coven go missing, it's up to Eleanor and her feline familiar to find out who is responsible before another witch disappears, or worse.

What's the book about?

What's the book about?

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Kellie O'Neill

Kellie O’Neill originally wrote the Daughters of Salem series when she was sixteen years old, and the first edition of Burned was published while she was in high school.

This updated version was published ahead of the next of the three books in the series which Kellie is looking forward to publishing soon.


In her spare time, 

Kellie haunts her local bookstore and researches neuropsychology for fun

She currently resides in Texas where she enjoys life as a wife and mother

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